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Attending lectures as a guest auditor

At Martin Luther University you can also become a guest auditor, attend courses, come into contact with students and teaching staff, and thus participate in university life.

What is a guest auditor?

As a guest auditor you can attend individual courses offered by the faculties. You can attend a maximum of 10 hours per week per semester. You cannot sit tests, however you can obtain a certificate of attendance for the classes you visit.

Which classes can I attend?

Guests auditors can attend any classes. You are only excluded from attending medical, dental psychology and German classes. Admission as a guest auditor is subject to available training capacity. Therefore the faculty in which you would like to attend a class is requested to give its consent.

How do I become a guest auditor?

If you would like to register as a guest auditor for the upcoming semester, please submit your application to the Department of Study and Teaching. A copy of the letter confirming you are currently receiving benefits in accordance with the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act should accompany the filled-in registration form. Once you have applied you will receive a guest auditor ID badge. This will entitle you to attend the classes you have registered for. To register as guest auditor for the winter semester you need to apply by September 30th. For the summer semester you need to apply by March 31th.

Am I then considered a student?

No, as a guest auditor you are not enrolled in a standard course of study. You do not receive the status of student. As a guest auditor you do not have to prove that you are entitled to access higher education nor that you have knowledge of German.

What does it cost to register as a guest auditor?

There is no charge to become a guest auditor for people receiving state support in accordance with the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act. For everyone else participation costs 50 euros per semester.

Where can I receive help with my application?

Many MLU students are happy to help you with the application process and with taking your first steps on campus. The Student Council has founded the working group “Refugees Welcome”, which helps establish contact between students and refugees. Students are also happy to help you select the lectures which may be of interest to you.

Office hours of the working group: Wednesdays from 2 – 4 pm, Student Council Office, Universitätsplatz 7 (or by request)


application form guest auditor

Formular Gasthörer Flüchtlinge.pdf (40.5 KB)  vom 07.10.2015

Point of contact at Martin Luther University

If you are interested in becoming a guest auditor, please contact:

Ms Ilona Wallus
Phone: 0345/55-21325
Barfüßerstr. 17, 2nd Floor